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TitleUntold Truths
Author codev2k
Challenged by:vegetaztwin
From Harry Potter
Pairing James/Sirius/Remus
Word Count:592
Authors Note:I really don't know where this came from. it was just poof there when i opened my word doccument! It's amazing, like a magic bat i mean hat. yes. hat

James liked to watch. That was how he got his kicks. Remus didn’t mind and Sirius was a born performer. They both knew that James wasn’t the sort to join in, after all he was more inclined to Lilly Evans even though she wouldn’t give him the time of day for anything. James though was absolutely fascinated with his friends and their after class activities. Seeing Remus getting so much attention from Sirius who never really gave attention to anyone but himself was a wonder to James. Yet there was something about the tender looks they gave, the soft touches they allowed themselves to have made James wonder how anyone could think of it as so wrong. Granted he would never do it but he couldn’t deny true love no matter what form. After all wasn’t true love all the same no matter what form it might take?

One day James decided he just didn’t want to watch anymore. He wanted to experience the dynamic of loving another man. Granted he would not go as far as to let Sirius dominate him or Remus to give into him, but a little attention he wished for. Merlin knows he wasn’t getting it from Evans, much to his dislike. They had shared so much so why not a kiss or a touch. After all no one was around to see James break down for some attention. Peter had left for the holiday and they were the only Griffindors aside from that queer 7th year girl.

In time it was forgotten that first night, never hinted at, but James realized the dynamic of the three. They would be inseparable until the very end. There was something there between the three, not lust but rather an understanding love. The two that carried on secretly were willing to open their arms and their bed to James on some of his more lonely nights. On the outside this all seemed quite strange to others. Peter seemed to start to distance himself when he found out about Sirius and Remus. Then adding James into the mix Peter’s hero worship toned down a bit. Perhaps that’s why Peter betrayed them all, leaving behind a trail of dead and broken souls. For that time though, James, Sirius, Remus had something precious, words could not even state the bond the three had after their fifth year. The three would take those nights to the grave never allowing them to ever slip past their own lips.

They never thought of the consequences though. They were free teenagers who didn’t care who objected. They knew they would be persecuted if found, given weird looks, called names that no one should repeat. James never questioned his sexuality they all understood that. Yet somehow James could find it in himself to express his love towards these two lovers. He had been so amazed about how easy they accepted him.

He never told Lily where he went on those few nights he went out during their marriage. He never told her where he went those nights when her ankles were swollen and she was tired beyond imagination. He did always come back with the chilled ice cream and that was good enough for her at the time. There were never secret or lies, just untold truths between the two. He really was out to visit with his best friends. He had always made a point once in a long while to visit his friends. He would never forget the first time he did in his fifth year.
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There were never secret or lies, just untold truths between the two.

That was really pretty -- great job ;)
Ahh, that was touching. ;_; ::tackles and gives you a plushie::
Ah, I like this! The opening lines are great! ::wipes away a tear:: I don't know if it was meant to be comical or something to grab our attention, but either way, I love it...
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