VeeTee (vegetaztwin) wrote in slash_writer,

Title: Star light... Star bright...
Author: vegetaztwin
Challenge By: vampyrekei
From: DBZ
Pairing: Mirai Trunks/Gohan
Word Count: 495
Rating: PG

Gohan shuffled his feet across the floor, and stared at them with all his might. He bit his fingernails, and picked imaginary lint off his clothes. Anything so he wouldn’t have took up at where his beloved was getting ready to go home.

Across the room Mirai Trunks was silent as he prepared. He had waited for so long
to go home and see his mother, but now that it was the night before his departure, he could feel his heart ripping in half. He didn’t want to leave Gohan, but he didn’t have a choice.
His world was still in danger. He couldn’t be selfish and sacrifice millions of people so
he could stay with his love.

Gohan looked out into the night sky, and began to wish on every star he saw.

He didn’t understand why Trunks couldn’t stay, or why he couldn’t go with Trunks.

“Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight…” he murmured in a tired voice. “Second star I see tonight… Third star I see tonight…”

Trunks listened without a word as Gohan whispered to the sky above them. Gently, the older half-Saiyan walked across the room, and kissed Gohan gently on the lips.

Gohan looked up, clearly surprised.

“Did your wish come true?” Trunks questioned in a tiny voice.

Gohan shook his head, tears gathering in his eyes, and leaned back, and began to
wish again.

“Gohan…” Trunks muttered.

“Star light…”

“Please talk to me.”

“Star bright…”

“Gohan, please.”

“Twenty-second star…”

“Gohan! Good Kami, I love you, would you at least hear me out?”

Gohan looked up at Trunks. He was now freely crying.

“Trunks, I hate you! Go away!” Gohan sobbed, flopping over on the bed.

“No you don’t…” Trunks whispered, rubbing Gohan’s back gently.

“Yes I do…” the smaller Saiyan cried.

“No you don’t…” Trunks replied, lying down next to Gohan. “I love you.”

Gohan wrapped his arms around Trunks’s waist, and cried into his shirt.

“I love you too… Why do you have to leave me?”

“I’m not…” Trunks replied, and he rolled over, so they could look out the window
together. “You see that star right there?”

Gohan looked to where Trunks was pointing, and gave a tiny nod.

“That’s our star. We shine together forever. No matter what, I’ll be with you
Gohan. Even if we’re not together physically… We’re together in every other way, soul, heart, mind… And one day I swear to you with everything I am, I will return to you physically.”

Trunks kissed Gohan gently on the nose, who was listening, attentively

“Promise?” Gohan whispered.

“On our star, I promise.” Trunks replied.

They lay there for a little while, until Gohan was half-asleep. Trunks stood then, and began to walk out the door, being careful not to walk the younger child.

“Trunks…” Gohan murmured sleepily.

“Yes Angel?” Trunks whispered.

“My wish came true.”

Trunks smiled, and brushed away tears.

“Star light… Star bright… First Star I see tonight…”
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